Whether you want to integrate easy care plants into a retail or office space, or simply gain a few extra green friends at home, booking a consultation will help with which plants will work for you and your space.

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The purpose of a houseplant consultation is to consider your lifestyle and commitment, in choosing and sourcing plants that will be able to thrive with the right care. Each plant has its own likes and dislikes, so choosing particular varieties that will be suited to your environment is key, whatever your budget. With each consultation you will be provided with detailed care notes on each individual plant.

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Plants add more than just decoration to your home. The health benefits are proven, boosting your mood and subconsciously creating a calm and relaxed feel. NASA recommends that you have 15 - 18 plants in your home to purify the air. In addition to sourcing new plants to add to your space we can evaluate your existing plants and ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to keep them thriving.

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Plants have been proven to help with air quality, concentration levels and stress, creating a more comfortable, attractive and productive place to work. We can offer assistance with choosing and sourcing appropriate house plants to incorporate into the design of your office or retail space.

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